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It might be the best anatomical bridle out there!

Casino has been testing this bridle from PS of Sweden! Read his review and all details on

Great value – airy boots from Harry’s Horse

What great value! Protective boots from Harry' horse has been tested by a few of our horses! Read the full review on

Bye Bye mud – Best brush in our grooming kit

It may not be the most fashionable product, but it sure speeds up grooming! This is the king of our grooming kit!

Protective boots – Back on Track

If you have had a tendon injury on a horse once... bandages just don't give enough protection... you want the most protective boots around. We love these boots for that very reason.

The Akoni – The rug with the best fit

This rug is supposed to be lightweight and I was automatically thinking it had to be 600 denier and therefor fitting in my washer at home. Well, it does not fit in my washer. But it sure fits my horse. It's a very handy rug that we have used almost every day since we bought it. Read the full review on

Drying up in summer

We have used this sheet loads this month. Especially useful now on spring days when the coat is still long and warm. We have to hose down the horses every day after training. Its a little bit too chilly to be out wet and naked 😳 This rug is perfect right now!

Like glue – Acavallo Pad review

My dressage saddle does not have loads of spare room in the gullet channel and adding a normal pad, just built in the all the wrong places. This one is so thin it does not build much at all. And the sheepskin works as a frame keeping it laying perfect under the saddle.

The website that brings expert help to riders

Pluvinel is the site that lets you find instructors in 44 different equestrian disciplines in your local area! We have tested it our three times over the past 12 months and love it!

When lunging in the cold

We love this rug. We have used it on a small warmblood, on a big Friesian and on an even bigger knabstrupper and with some adjustments on the surcingles it fitted them all perfectly!

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