PS of Sweden

Bridle Flying Change Revolution


* The leather quality is soooo good
* The neck part over the crown feels so soft and comfortable
* The padding on the noseband is brilliant
* The browband sits perfectly over the eyes, not touching any bones or nerves on its way
* The sizing XFULL fits perfectly!
* The reins and chin straps are elastic and will soften your hands in his mouth

* The reins should be part of the package as the colour is somewhat hard do mach with other browns
* As this type of bridle/ noseband is preferred by dressage riders, I would love to get the throat lash included

Every day!

This bridle is perfect for Casino. It avoids all bones and nerves in his face. It looks smart, and the brown colour is perfect!

Casino has a huge head (and ego!!) that normally wont fit well in any bridle. He also has a smaller nose and short mouth. Finding bridles for this big guy is almost impossible! I have tried maybe 10 different bridles in XFULL, and non of them ever felt quite right and always a tad too small.
When we put this bridle on, everything just fell right into place. It feels sculpted for his specific head.

Lets start at the top. The crown peace is wide in the middle but gives plenty of room for those big floppy ears to move about. It’s padded and soft and was the main reason for buying this halter. If they sold only the crown peace, I would use them on all my other halters.

Moving down the sides there is no throat lash. It gives a big head like Casinos a bit more elegance to it. I would prefer if it came with the bridle so that I could use this bridle for dressage tests where this throat lash is mandatory. It can be bought separately. It fastens to the brow band.

The browband has a quick change option. You can easily click it out of its place, and swop it with another from the same brand. No need to take the bridle off and removing all peaces. I never understood the need for it as I am one of those non blingy persons, but saw it in action last weekend at a cross country event. The low key dressage browband was swopped in seconds for a more blingy one for the jumping. Felt a bit like a pit stop in F1 car races!

The browband that comes with this bridle is drooping and padded. This is perfect on a multi coloured horse like Casino. Understated yet very elegant! It also nestles around the bones in his upper face.

All leather peaces connected with the bit is elasticated, and feels less invasive than with other bridles. In the chin straps you have the option to use the elasticated cradle, or not. Test both and see what suits your horse. We always use it.

The noseband has a thick padding and gives room for the bit and rings. It also has a pullback with padding in the back.
The flash strap can be removed easily and the fastening strap also, making it fit both dressage and jumping alike.

I was a bit unsure about the shiny leather quality and it almost felt like synthetic at first. But after having this and cleaning it regularly it feels so good. Its soft yet very elegant and pristine in its outlook.

I am not a big fan of bridles in general, but I do love stretching long and low with my ears flopping in trot!

The leather is english, vegetable tanned
The elasticated cradles are made out of polyester

Comes without reins and throat lash

We do love when brands make anatomical tack with the horses comfort in mind. We also tested and love the Micklem Multi Bridle. Read the full review >

PS of Sweden sells soap and balm, but I just use my regular soap and conditioner weekly

Normally I dip the bit in a water bucket for rinsing off, and I am somewhat worried that the elasticated cradles will be ruined and less elastic in time due to all the water, but it has to be done! A clean bit is a must!

Its perfect!
True to size
Note that not all (or half) the bridles from PS is available in XFULL.

This is a fairly expensive bridle, but it does give you the comfort/anatomic features that few other brands can match.

It comes in black and brown
Silver buckles

Does also come in a Delux version with lacquered nose and browband. It also has rolled leather and is very fancy.