About the Tackteam:
We are a couple of riders up north. We ride dressage, cross country, love jumping and to hack out on weekends. The weather in our area is varied and so the tack has to cope with somewhat extreme testing conditions. Mud is an everyday challenge here!

We wanted to start this site, reviewing the tack that we currently have, and new stuff we buy. This way we can stop reading thousands of short forum posts and buying expensive horse magazines. Detailed review, for you, for free.
Our goal is to write the review so that you easily can find if this product is for you, before you buy it!

Whats a polo wrap for?
We know from experience that being new as a horse owner can be a challenge, and we will in time write articles on tack. We will cover rugs, bandages, boots, saddles, safety equipment and so on. Easy to understand articles to help you navigate the tack jungle before you buy the wrong equipment.

What we will review?

  • Horse tack
  • Clinics
  • Videos on youtube
  • Horse trailers
  • Stable equipment
  • Horse feed
  • Books
  • Online resources

How will we do it?
We will be detailed, and also go into how to clean and condition the products. We will give you our recommendations on fit, wear and tear, and what and when to use it.

We will use both pictures from the manufacturers, and once taken ourselves on our own horses.

What if we hate it?
Well, we probably won´t. And if we really hate it, we won’t review it. This will be a positive site with honest reviews of the stuff we love.

We promise to:

  • be honest
  • only test equipment we ourselves have used for more than a few days
  • always tag sponsored products
  • If your send us a message, comment or email, we will always respond!

Do you want to help us – contribute?
If you want to write a review we will select some of them, and post them as a Guest review with or without your name. Contact us at thetackreport@gmail.com and we will send you our mandatory template for Guest reviews!

We would also love if you would post your questions or experiences with the products in the comment box under the review. We will answer you always!

All comments or messages sent without being related to the products or vision of our site, we will remove them. Also if you “trash talk” a product, we will remove it. Please keep it to facts and be respectful in your language.

If the product we review are given to us or sponsored in any way, we will mark the review clearly. However, most of the tack you see on this site is bought by us, because we believed it to be a good product.

If you are a manufacturer and want us to review your product, please send us an email at thetackreport@gmail.com