The Tack Report

…before you buy!

A fancy premium halter

This head collar / halter looks amazing. The stitching is lovely, the leather quality is really high end, and it feels so luxurious

A little energy boost – Pavo Energy Control

We have tested this feed on hot horses, and it does what is says on the label. Controlled energy!

The winter hero – Rambo Duo

This rug is such a hero. We use it when its cold, windy, snowy, rainy and all the winter days in between! We especially love the low cut neck that allows for easy grazing!

Steely toe – the best steel toe boot

These Australian boots are real mile-eaters. You can walk for hours without getting tired or sore feet.

A very useful stable boot

These boots are brilliant! We bought them for a young mare who kicked her hooves off when presented with normal travel boots. She stood peacefully and walked calmly with these. Since then these boots have gotten some miles on them.

The Elegant halter

This is a proper halter. It´s thick and heavy but still very comfortable on the horses head. The fleece padding is so much softer than we hoped for.

The good saddle soap

Easy to use Smells amazing Conditions the leather and give shine ...what more do you need from a saddle soap?

Such luxury we had to have!

Its not often I fall so totally in love with a saddle pad. Its shiny, smart, monogrammed and with details in gold. It looks a million bucks and almost cost it too.

Cavalleria Toscana high waist jump breeches

We love this brand. It is on the more expensive end of the scale, but they do brilliant quality. All their products has exceptional fabrics and fit, and these breeches are right up there.

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